RE: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.19

Hi Igor, All,

_WIN32 is defined automagically by MS compiler for Win32 targets, perhaps
to waken an impression that the compiler would support some other targets,
which it doesn't. 

Have you seen the _MAC and MACPORT #defines in the headers? I 
assume there at least was some Mac version. Not to forget
_PPC_, _MIPS_ and _ALPHA_ from ye olde times of portable NT.

Perhaps I should clean up the source and have it check
only for _WIN32 thoroughly.

Fully agree. Most WIN32 compilers agree to #define _WIN32.

The native threading code is however... hm... not exactly ugly, but far
from beautiful.
[...] I wold suggest at this time to either disable thread support, or
compile with a pthread implementation, such as I am anyway tempted to start
making binaries which use this library and depend on it.

Igor, the above mentioned error messages came from compiling
with thread support disabled, when only dummy functions are
generated. I assume there is a flaw in the #ifdef logic which
prevents correct generation of dummy functions, when threads
support is disabled, _WIN32 is defined and _MSC_VER is
not defined.

Sorry for not being more specific. I will look again into this.

Peter Jacobi

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