Re: [xml] xmlURIUnescapeString doesn't translate spaces?

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On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 01:58:03PM -0700, Guy Finney wrote:
I'm using xmlURIUnescapeString() to successfully translate most of the
things sent from a browser which might have %XX replacements in them,
but find that it doesn't translate between '+' and a space. I wasn't
sure if this was intentional, as my understanding was that it was
included in the same translation rules. %20 will, of course, be
translated correctly, but is the '+' replacement I'm seeing in some
requests & form submissions a browser quirk or part of the standard?

  It doesn't ring a bell. Could you provide an example ?
I don't remember seeing anything like this in RFC2396 ...

HTML 4.01 specification I'm looking at [1] indicates in 17.13.3 that if the
method is GET, the form data set is encoded as
application/x-www-form-urlencoded and appended to the URI separated by a '?'
character. 17.13.4 defines that 'Space characters are replaced by '+' and
then reserved characters are escaped as described in RFC 1738...'. I do not
believe that elsewhere the + translation is used.

Since this applies to form requests, I don't think it's really the
unescapers place to do anything with it - particularly as it's not defined
in the generic URI specifications.

[1] HTML 4.01 recommendation (24 Dec 1999) is the one I have to hand.

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