RE: [xml] New build process for Windows/MSVC

Ah, sorry, I should be more clear.  I guess what I really meant was the
ability to treate .DLLs as binaries, so that
*.lib -> libdir
*.exe and *.dll -> bindir

No big deal if this is too specific for the general release, I can just
merge this into my build scripts.

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Subject: RE: [xml] New build process for Windows/MSVC


When running the configure script, set the 'bindir' and 
'libdir' options to point to the same directory. This would 
do what you need.


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Seems to have worked flawlessly for me, and I build a minimal 
libxml2 (no
xinclude, ftp, xptr, catalog, docb, iconv, etc.).  My 
preference is to have
all the .exe and .dll get copied to the {prefix)\bin 
directory, maybe a
configure option to allow this.  I would prefer to have to add only 1
directory to the path to get the utils to all work. 

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