RE: [xml] RFC: New build process on Windows/MSVC

  I totally support this approach, Igor, please go ahead, just send
me a zip with the updates when you think it's ready.

Thanx :-)

ZIPs won't be needed for this. Only the IDE was sensitive tothe line-ends in its project files. These are 
read by the nmake, cmpiler and jscript interpreter, none of which cares about the line ends. They can be put 
into the CVS in text-mode, checked out on Unix, modified, checked back in, then checked out on Windows... all 
that works.

I would say lets wait until tomorrow or so, and unless someone appears with a grave reason why this should 
not be so, I'll send you these files again together with the apropriate readme. Then you can put them in the 
CVS like you would any other source file.


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