[xml] problems with libxml-1.8.17


I notice a couple of problems with libxml-1.8.17 as packaged at

First, ./configure complains that there is no example/Makefile.in.
But I do see example/Makefile.am.

Second, it seems that this package must be built "in place".  This is
a bit inconvenient when building for multiple platforms simultaneously,
as I do for Linux, Tru64, IRIX and Solaris.

I realise libxml-1 is not a high priority for you, but I thought I
would at least bring these to your attention.  I certainly have no
need for the above to get fixed.

Kind regards,

  David Starks-Browning                  | starksb ebi ac uk
  EMBL Outstation --                     |
  The European Bioinformatics Institute  |
  Wellcome Trust Genome Campus           | tel: +44 (1223) 494 616
  Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SD, UK       | fax: +44 (1223) 494 468

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