[xml] Re: XSL Processor for DJGPP??

It worked... to a degree. xmllint compiles without an error. It WAS the
win2000 binaries that made the difference. I guess I didn't realize at first
how complicated this story would get :-(

So now I have a dos xml PARSER.
...But my original wish was for a dos XSL processor. Unfortunately, there
seems to be a whole range of new problems with porting libxslt to DJGPP. But
as far as I know, this is what is needed to quickly compile XMLLINT on DJGPP
under Win2000:

1. your libxml.a that you compiled
2. download libz, iconlib and libsocket
3. the binaries from clio.rice.edu (they make a REAL difference)
4. compile as follows:

D:\D\C\PROGRAM\DOM-API\xmllint>gcc -c xmllint.c
D:\D\C\PROGRAM\DOM-API\xmllint>gcc -o xmllint.exe
xmllint.o -lxml2 -lm -lz -lsocket -liconv

     Thank you for your help. If you have the time, can you help me with
making libxslt? If not, that's OK. Someday it'll work out... :-)

Thanks again for you help.


"Andris Pavenis" <pavenis lanet lv> wrote in message
news:Pine A41 4 05 10203040837440 41372-100000 ieva06   

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Richard Dawe wrote:


pavenis lanet lv wrote:
libxml2-2.4.15 can be built with DJGPP (some hints are needed for
and one needs to install ls080b.zip to suceed). Tests mostly passes

Why does libxml require libsocket? (I assume ls080b.zip is libsocket.)
seems a bit weird. I thought libxml would just an XML parser, not some
network-enabled thingy.

libsocket is not supported anymore, so it would be good if libxml did
require libsocket, to build with DJGPP.

It would not require if one could fix the problems to build it without
socket support. libxml2 has some network related stuff inside and is
perhaps not enough tested for such systems as DJGPP. I tried at first to
build libxml2 without ls080b.zip installed but did not succeed easy


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