RE: [xml] Compiling libxml2 as DLL under Cygwin

On cygwin, install the autotools -dev versions - that is libtool,
autoconf and automake.

Grab the -src packages from via setup.exe, and then replace the source
archives with the verison you want to build - the patchs should apply to
all the source files, but may fail on's and configure.

Then rrename the build script that is placed in /usr/src, and the patch,
to be for the cversion you are building. Then go for it.

That should let you get places. I'll be upgrading the libx* packages in
the next day or so anyway.


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As those of you who subscribe to xslt know, I've been having some 
problems.  I'm trying to upgrade libxml2 and libxslt to the latest 
versions, which aren't yet available as Cygwin packages.

When I try to compile libxslt, it complains that libxml2 
isn't a shared 
library.  Comparing the 2.4.13 from the Cygwin 
package with the generated by building 2.4.16, the difference seems 
to be that 
2.4.13 had a libxml2.dll.a, while I can't seem to get 2.4.16 
to build one.

Can anyone point me towards how to coax a build of a DLL under 
Cygwin?  Yes, I tried ./configure --enable-shared (though not with a 
specific package given).

I'm a markup nerd, not a compiler whiz, so any help would be greatly 

Thanks in advance,
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