Re: [xml] Re: XSL Processor for DJGPP??

On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 02:44:01AM +0100, Ben Decker wrote:
It worked... to a degree. xmllint compiles without an error. It WAS the
win2000 binaries that made the difference. I guess I didn't realize at first
how complicated this story would get :-(

So now I have a dos xml PARSER.
...But my original wish was for a dos XSL processor. Unfortunately, there
seems to be a whole range of new problems with porting libxslt to DJGPP. But

  Hum, I really don't see why. Nearly all the system dependancies are
kept in libxml2, libxslt code is really purely algorithmic on top of that
layer (except maybe the timing code which is really not a requirement in most
use case).


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