Re: [xml] xsltproc --stringparam and national chars

Hi Daniel, Jens, All,

Daniel responded to Jens
  No locale are evil, unportable, and the wrong solution to
a problem it didn't managed to solve correctly. I don't want any
dependancy to the locale in the libxml/libxslt code at all.

Sorry to be with the dissidents this time, but I think you don't see the 
point here:

It's right to keep libxml2 locale-free

But it may be a good idea to use locales for the command line utilities.
(In case of strong allergic reactions to locales, this may be hidden by 
giving the command line parameters to some function system2utf8 and 
plug in the locales there, which would also allow to call Win32 specific 
i18n functions)

Peter Jacobi

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