Re: [xml] xsltproc --stringparam and national chars

tor 2002-06-27 klockan 16.38 skrev John Fleck:

So if the man page said something like:

--stringparam name value

              Pass  a  paramenter  of  name  name and value value
              where value is a string rather than a node  identi­
              fier.(Note: The string must be utf-8.)

Would that be correct?

Yes, that would possibly save ppl from some headace.

tor 2002-06-27 klockan 16.35 skrev Daniel Veillard:

 That's relatively logical since libxml2/libxslt internal string
representation is UTF8. But it's a good point to add, yes.

It would also be logical if xsltproc used my locale settings to convert
command line parameters to the internal representation.


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