Re: [xml] [xml]security issues

Hi, Anju!

You are absolutelly right about sprintf() function and I'll replace it with
snprintf() if there is no objections from others. xmllint is a standalone example
application and a buffer overflow in it not actually dangerouse but someone can
decide to call it from CGI script :)
Regarding the environment variables for FTP/HTTP access:
the networking code in LibXML is only an example. Any real application will likely
use its own code to access remote files. And I also have to say that if "bad guy"
can change your environment variables then you are in a big trouble :)


Anju Premachandran wrote:
Hello All
I am doing a security audit on gnome-xml.
I saw a buffer-overflow in xmllint.c in xmlHTMLPrintFileInfo( ).There is a sprintf( ) function which copies the filename to a buffer of 50,000.
Since the filename can be non-local URI ,this can turn out be a vulnerability.

Also in nanoftp.c in xmlNanoFTPInit( ) there is a getenv( ) call to the environment variable "ftp_proxy_password" from where the proxy password is obtained.
Can this be a security issue?
Also the library depends on environment variables to get HTTP and FTP proxy URLs.Can these turn out to be security concerns?

Expecting your valuable feedbacks



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