Re: [xml] XML library evaluation (fwd)

On 13 Jun 2002, John Fleck wrote:

Unfortunately, the problems that underlie your missive reflect a lack of
understanding of the libxml development process. Your company had, and
may still have, an opportunity to benefit from that development process.

I'm aware of the development process (I have been reading this list for
several months), but sadly the people who were directly involved with
the evaluation are entirely unused to having a relationship with the open
source community. (But then, conversely, I'm not used to corporate

I hope you can convey to your company the mistake that has been made.

Exactly what I'm trying to do. For several weeks they've ignored my
suggestions that they contact the mailing list, claming they "didn't have
time." Sadly, the fact that they've possibly wasted several man-weeks by
not doing so seems lost on them. (Not to mention the redevelopment time if
we change library.)

If the problem instead is in your use of the library, Daniel and the
other participants in the list can help you understand how to use it 

Daniel appears to have taken the criticism badly. Indeed, it was harsh,
and my reason for posting here is that I think it's unfairly so. Yes, I
admit, I haven't looked at the memory management section of the
documentation in any great depth -- that /should/ be somebody else's job. I
shall, however, take a look at it on my own time and hopefully be able to
provide some useful assistance to the programmer working with it.

It still would be helpful if you could provide more of the specifics
Daniel has asked for, so that others might benefit from your experience
and you can benefit from theirs.

I will try to get some more detailed information. Unfortunately I couldn't
provide much initially as I'm erring on the safe side of confidentiality.

Daniel, I'm sorry if you misinterpreted the intent of my post. It was not
to criticise your code, but quite the opposite. libxml2 is my preferred 
XML library and I admire the vast amounts of work you've put into it, so
I'd hate to see it overlooked because of our own misuse of it. Hopefully
the information you've provided so far will be of some use to us (and
anyone else wishing to integrate libxml2 with C++ code).

Dan Ellis,
Frustrated co-worker and open source advocate.

P.S. Igor, sorry but I'd rather not openly disclose who did the evaluation.

Dan Ellis <dan isvara net>

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