Re: [xml] Generating a correct xml2-config for use with --libs

As one of Solaris users for LibXML I would strongly disagree with this idea.
I would like to have *the same* Makefiles on all platforms and I do not see reasons
why I need to add -lsocket for Solaris manually.
If your application does not use threads or networking you may configure/compile LibXMLby yourself and use --without-http, --without-ftp, etc. flags to remove these dependencies. In case you use *shared* library compiled for general use
you would probably want to use linker that can trace dependencies and ignore
libraries not actually used.


I'm also apologizing for generating so much noise over such a small thing.

I hadn't realised that it wasn't clear that I was referring only to dynamic linking. (Actually, I hadn't even considered that anyone would bother with static linking in this day and age.)

I'll consider making this a Solaris specific patch as Daniel suggests.


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