Re: [xml] Generating a correct xml2-config for use with --libs

Justin Fletcher wrote:

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         Gary Pennington <Gary Pennington sun com> wrote:

Justin Fletcher wrote:

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        Gary Pennington <Gary Pennington sun com> wrote:
Stefan Kost wrote:
Hi Gary,

but libxml2 does networking (see nanoftp and the likes).


I know, which is why libxml2 links with the appropriate libraries
(-lsocket etc). However, that doesn't mean that any application which
links with libxml2 must also link with the networking libraries.

In the first place, if you link a library (xml) against another library
(sockets) then you have added a chunk to that former library which is
unnecessary duplication.

I'm not sure I understand your point. What you describe sounds like what
would happen with static linking, but not with dynamic linking. You
would simply be adding a dependancy to libxml2 to an existing dynamic
library. Sure there may be an entry in a linker table, but you wouldn't
be adding in any executable code.

My apologies. There was no reference in any of the thread to dynamic linking,
and all discussion seemed to be focused around linking itself, rather than
directed at dynamic linking.

I'm also apologizing for generating so much noise over such a small thing.

I hadn't realised that it wasn't clear that I was referring only to dynamic linking. (Actually, I hadn't even considered that anyone would bother with static linking in this day and age.)

I'll consider making this a Solaris specific patch as Daniel suggests.


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