[xml] simple XML parsing problem


I am trying to parse an XML docbook file with libxml2 to produce some LaTeX output. I can explain the problem with the following XML example file:

 This is an <EMPHASIS>important</EMPHASIS> paragraph.

I would like to produce something like:

This is an \em{importtant} paragraph.\\

When I use xmlNodeListGetString() on PARA, I get "This is an paragraph.". When I parse the xmlChildrenNode of the node PARA I find the node EMPHASIS. However I have no way to find at which position, within PARA text, EMPHASIS is located and I cannot produce the desired output, but I can only produce:

This is an paragraph \em{important}\\

which is not good :(

Any help/hint on that question ?
Please CC: to Olivier Michel cyberotics com  Thanks


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