[xml] Libxml in MacOS.

 I am in the process of integrating Libxml with
QuarkXpress (a publishing Software Application) in
MacOS under CodeWarrior 7.0. I already acheived this
integration in Windows Platform.
 In order to customise Quark we do coding thro'
Xtensions Development Kit to produce a Shared Library
which will be later integrated into Quark. I included
Libxml (which is a static Library) into Xtensions and
created a shared Library.
 Now my problem is, Whenever I  call xmlParseFile or
xmlParseMemory or xmlParseDTD, the file gets parsed,
but after that Quark starts behaving badly, but the
function xmlNewDoc("1.0"), doesn't cause any problem, 

 I guess Libxml is causing some memory management
problem. Any suggestions in this regard will be highly

Thanks in Advance,
Integra Software Services Ltd., 

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