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Hi, I have recently installed Red Hat 7.3, I love it.  I am needing to build
a message parser (any-to-any) formats for a Payment System.  The two
requirements that I currently have are: 1) I internal message format (or
intermediate message format during the parsing/translation), must be xml,
and 2) It must be done with ANSI C due to some variations in platforms, e.g.
Stratus VOS, HP-UX, and AIX.  Stratus VOS, does not currently support C++
off the shelf, so I must stick with ANSI C.  My question to you is:

Does the "XML C library for Gnome" have an ANSI C interface? Or does it just
support the SAX interface?  I understand that the SAX interface is for Java
and/or C++.

I'm just looking for alternatives and I'm not that familiar with Linux (as a
development platform), and I'm also new to XML.

I thank you very much in advance for any pointers.

Roque Solis
roque solisystems com

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