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Daniel Veillard wrote:

On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 01:41:14PM -0700, Rick Jones wrote:
i am clearly missing something obvious - i have looked at some of the
archive discussion on Xinclude, and i _think_ i am follwoing it
correctly, but i do not appear to be including in the following xml

  XInclude is not processed by default you need to either call
     int     xmlXIncludeProcess      (xmlDocPtr doc);
or use xmllint --xinclude to have it processed.

I've not tried the former, but I did try the latter, and there still
appears to be no joy. I took a tusc (systemcall) trace of xmllint, and I
never see an open for sub.xml.

Trying the former appears to be getting me closer:

$  ./test_raj ./testfile_raj
warning: failed to load external entity "sub.xml"
XInclude: could not load sub.xml

As it turns-out I was calling the file something else and somehow missed
the error message emitted from xmllint !(

Other things with which I am struggling include:

*) when to use attributes versus sub-entities

  Can't make sense of this, rephase the question. Or better for XML
generic functions (not related to libxml) ask on xml-dev

That should have been "attributes or sub-elements (ie nested elements).
However, xml-dev is probably a better place so I'll look-up the
reference and join that list.

*) multiple DTDs or later XML schemas in a document - perhaps coming
with includes, but perhaps having a DTD specified for the "specfic"
portions of the test element. i am hoping to have this benchmark be
rather "plugin" and not necessarily require someone to edit a main
DTD> file each time to specify additional DTD's when the add a new
test suite.

  Ask on xml-dev for this I would say,


rick jones
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