Re: [xml] catalogs, include and import

That's what I get for going to bed at a reasonable hour - missed all the
followups until this morning :-)

But, although the 'etc' problem was thoroughly discussed, the initial
problem which I noted and questioned was overlooked...

William M. Brack wrote:
Yuck - Windoze corruption!  I'm doing all the xml /xslt stuff strictly
on Linux.


Incidentally, I consider the fact that it fails when /etc/xml/catalog
is not present to be a bug, but I'll have to confirm that with Daniel.
 If he agrees, I'll fix it for the next release.

To review, when I use xmlCatalogAdd to put in a particular entry, but
there is no "master" catalog present, libxml silently ignores the entry
that I make.  Do we consider this "proper" or "improper" behaviour?

W Brack

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