RE: [xml] cross compileing to win32 using mingw/gcc

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 10:28, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
Sure, I should have known that. The configuration strage generates
include/libxml/xmlversion.h file. There is also a xmlwin32version.h
which is Gods know how old and is not being autogenerated by the GNU
autoconf. This one is being taken care of on Windows, by those build
scripts in win32 subdirectory.

Take a look at what is in the xmlversion.h file, after configuring, and
change the corresponding definitions, if necessary. Then deny further
existence to the file xmlwin32version.h and give it a rebirth as a
symbolic link to xmlversion.h. This link is needed for historical
reasons. There are still few places in the code where this file is
#included if _WIN32 is #defined. I wanted to clean that mess oneday, but
it was sunny afternoon, someone mentioned barbecue and beer, so I felt
forced to handle very fast: put a 'cp -f xmlversion.h xmlwin32version.h'
somewhere at the begining ofthe makefile :-)

Ok, I took care of that, and now trio.c isn't getting compiled.  but now
I'm getting errors about undefined references to vsnprintf in xmlHTML*
functions in xmllint.c  The same sort of errors occur in valid.c and
threads.c (I don't have threads enabled so I wonder if that is like the
trio.c problem I was having)


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