Re: [xml] cross compileing to win32 using mingw/gcc

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Robert Collins wrote:

The question doesn't make sense. mingw is win32.

AFAIK you are the first person trying a non-cygwin gcc using windows
based port though.

Then perhaps I should have complained about this earlier so I could be
identified as the first person.  I also noticed that the configure
script does not work for MinGW.  I used the MSYS (Cygwin-like) shell
to run it.  This ended up being the biggest impediment I encountered
when building a full-fledged ImageMagick using the MinGW compiler.

I noticed that disabling the HTTP/FTP support via the configure option
didn't stop that code from being built.

It does not seem difficult to update the configure script to support
MinGW since libxml already builds using Visual C++.  The
configure-based approach is much more desireable than a seperate


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Subject: [xml] cross compileing to win32 using mingw/gcc

Is it possible to cross compile libxml to win32 using mingw & gcc?  I
have tried the normal ./configure && make procedure but it chokes on
trio stuff (and nanohttp.c & nanoftp.c when they are enabled)  Are
some special things i need to enable/disable to get it to work?

Scott Peshak

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