RE: [xml] cross compileing to win32 using mingw/gcc

Good Morning.

Coffee, anyone? No? Well, then...

Is it possible to cross compile libxml to win32 using mingw & gcc?  

I have never tried the GCC cross-compiler, but rumors are that it works.
Which host platform would you use for cross-compiling? Linux? My belief
was that mingw is a GCC incarnation that runs only on Windows. Are you
saying that mingw is available as a cross-compiler on Unix as well?

have tried the normal ./configure && make procedure but it 
chokes on the
trio stuff (and nanohttp.c & nanoftp.c when they are enabled) 

Trio's NaN and Inf handling routines are used by those components, I bet
those floating-point horrors come to hunt us again. But wait... does
that mean that it works when those trio, http and ftp components are

 Are there
some special things i need to enable/disable to get it to work?

No, it should work with any combination of features.

Hey, Feel free to report on your progress with this.


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