[xml] Some minor fixes (against 2.4.23)

The top level Makefile.am patch is less of a bug, more of a tuning

The other three are needed to build and install the python extensions
OOTB on cygwin. The library name is  needed for linking on platforms
that don't support unresolved symbols, and the VPATH fixes should be


2002-07-22  Robert Collins (rbtcollins hotmail com)

        * Makefile.am: Only build test programs for 'make check'.
        * configure.in: Query python to establish the library name to
link against.
        * python/Makefile.am: And link against it.
        (libxml2.py): Support VPATH builds.
        * python/tests/Makefile.am (install-data-local): Ditto.

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