Re: [xml] XHTML modularisation (on XML-DEV)

Hi Daniel, All,

<!DOCTYPE eaip:eAIP SYSTEM "../eAIP-xhtml-m12n-dtd/eaip.dtd">

  It's an URI-Reference so it's relative to the base URI of the entity
containing it, in that case, the filename of the document containing it.
If the Document filename passed to xmllint is a Windows filename then the
URI computation will simply fail since a windows filename simply cannot be
used for URI-Reference computation.

But it doesn't fail but silently continues processing using 
"../eAIP-xhtml-m12n-dtd/eaip.dtd" as a path relative to the
directory xmllint.exe resides in. 

And, without starting a name vs. resource vs. location philosphical thread 
here, "relative URIs are relative to the location of the resource within
which the entitity declaration occurs" has room for some speculation.

Even when the parameter given to xmllint for retrieving the XML file
isn't a valid URI, the location of that file can be expressed as a valid URI, 
which then can be used to evaluate the relative URI.

definitions of the standard entitities lt and amp. The libxml2 related
part was about less than helpfull error messages for obscure cases.

  well depends what error it was about ...

It seems to be the definition of lt in:

See Benoit's post for the error messages he got from libxml2:

Peter Jacobi

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