Re: [xml] XHTML modularisation (on XML-DEV)

On Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 09:30:51AM +0200, Peter Jacobi wrote:
Hi Daniel, All,

Did you notice the "XHTML modularisation causes strange error with 
MSXML" thread on XML-DEV, started by 
Benoit MAISONNY eurocontrol int?

  No though, I'm subscribed, I tend to read it really fast and anything
with MSXML in the title is likely to not pass the filtering :-)

He did some tests with different parsers of a complicated set of DTDs 
using XHTML modularisation. He later included libxml2 in his tests
which (nearly) works OK, so only MSXML to blame.

I got one remark regarding the use of relative path in SYSTEM:
I noticed what I feel is a bug, though: For one sample, the DTD
is done with a relative path:
<!DOCTYPE eaip:eAIP SYSTEM "../eAIP-xhtml-m12n-dtd/eaip.dtd">
When I first tried to validate it with libxml2's xmllint.exe, I was not
the document's directory and so it didn't find the DTD. When  I changed
the doc's directory it didn't complain. I may be wrong, but I think the
is relative to the doc's directory, not to the parser's one.
I don't know what's the correct behaviour.

  It's an URI-Reference so it's relative to the base URI of the entity
containing it, in that case, the filename of the document containing
it. If the Document filename passed to xmllint is a Windows filename
then the URI computation will simply fail since a windows filename
simply cannot be used for URI-Reference computation.

   => it's a Windows specific resource naming probem

definitions of the standard entitities lt and amp. The libxml2 related part 
was about less than helpfull error messages for obscure cases.

  well depends what error it was about ...


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