Re: [xml] functions using varargs

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 10:53:31AM +0100, Petr Kozelka wrote:
Even if varargs were fully supported, Pascal's format strings are slightly different from those in C.

Therefore, it would be much better to get the error message text already formated in the first argument (I 
can setup the callback to
a function with parameter list containing only the explicit arguments, and it works fine).

Is there any option to receive the text already formated ? It seems that it would (again) require extending 
the API... or is there
any simpler option that I missed ?

   Valid point. There is no such API. I need to think more about it
   What's happen when one of the existing callbacks contains only
the formatting string and no other parameter. I'm not too enthusiastic
about duplicating the full error API, and would prefer make it an
option to change the existing behaviour.


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