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Hello Daniel,

you wrote:

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 03:06:54PM +0100, Uwe Fechner wrote:
I think that we need a routine within your library, that frees a string,
that was allocated within your library.

  xmlFree() should work fine. It's actually a pointer to the allocation


Well, I don't think I can use it directly.

In delphi, I can access only functions, that are exported by a dll.
I cannot access variables, and so I can't access pointers to a function,

(Well, I can with a dirty trick, but Petr does say, I shouldn't do it.)

Could you add a function, that is declared as function and not as pointer
to your api?

Or is that something, that Igor could do without you having to change
your code?

Best regards:


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