Re: [xml] how to change value of an attribute not attached to element

Even if you're programming in Pascal, it might be worthwhile to write a
wrapper to libgdome instead of libxml.  libgdome has an XML interface
file that makes it easy to write a script that generates most of
the wrapper code automatically.  Also doing memory management properly
in a DOM wrapper to libxml is very hard - libgdome does this well so you
can take advantage of this.

There is several requirements behind the decision to wrap directly libxml2:
- compatibility with both windows and linux
- minimum dependencies imposed
- strict DOM compliance (which is quite hard to achieve with any code generator)
- optimal reuse of wrapper objects created (some wrappers do not hesitate to create a new wrapper object upon 
every access to a
node, which results in having many wrappers for single node in some cases)

C++ (this looks interesting - can be extended to any language):



Also, there are plans to add libxslt support directly into libgdome.

thanks for the pointers, I will check out, can be useful...


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