Re: [xml] how to change value of an attribute not attached to element

Hi Petr,

Even if you're programming in Pascal, it might be worthwhile to write a 
wrapper to libgdome instead of libxml.  libgdome has an XML interface 
file that makes it easy to write a script that generates most of 
the wrapper code automatically.  Also doing memory management properly 
in a DOM wrapper to libxml is very hard - libgdome does this well so you 
can take advantage of this.

There are a number of wrappers to libgdome:

C++ (this looks interesting - can be extended to any language):



Also, there are plans to add libxslt support directly into libgdome.

Having worked on Perl modules that wrap libxml (XML::LibXML) and libgdome 
(XML::GDOME), I have to say that is is much easier to create a DOM2
wrapper around libgdome.


On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Petr Kozelka wrote:

well, I forgot to mention that the DOM wrapper I am talking about is for
Pascal (Delphi, Kylix, hopefuly soon also FPC...).

You can look at if interrested.

There is:
- completed header translations for libxml2 (now compatible with release
- header translation for libxslt (not yet completed)
- MSXML DOM compatible wrapper (currently not developed much)
- Dom2 wrapper based on JAXP model (under heavy development)

Btw, any other developers willing to participate are highly welcome...


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This is a side note, but are you aware of libgdome?  This is a DOM Level 2
wrapper to libxml2 available at

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