Re: [xml] libxml2-api.xml

  It's in CVS, I just pushed a new version with a full coverage of the
libxml2 interface including type, names and descriptions for every
exported symbol. It's now nearly 500KBytes, so I have put a copy at

ok, thanks; now some questions about the future, after having first look at it:
- do you intend to create detailed structure describing the type, instead of just "type" attribute with the 
C-style declaration ?
(this would be especially useful for header translation)
- it would be nice if those 'enum' -like constants were grouped together as enumerations, with info per enum 
+ per constant (this
would require special comments I'm afraid)
- wouldn't it make sense to put the declarations ("function" and "macro") right under "file", so that it is 
easier to find where a
symbol is declared ?
- what about libxslt-api.xml ?

In any case: great job, will be very helpful, thank you for it!

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