Re: [xml] xmlUnlinkProp, xmlAddProp

Hello Daniel,

attached is the next patch for standalone attribute handling in xmlAdd* functions.
Attention: the diff is against revision 1.181 - the replica at seems to be mirrored 
somewhat rarely :-(  - so it
includes my previous patch, too. However theoretically this should not be a problem...

Patched functions:
    - I added a call to xmlUnlinkNode(cur) as I believe it was just forgoten

Not patched:
    - I do not know what is the difference from xmlAddNextSibling; isn't this a historical relict ?
    - if not, I can make a patch for this one as well

Remaining issues:
extending/updating namespace definitions list. I need to make a deeper research for this.

API. Adding the capabilities to xmlAddFirstChild/xmlAddLastChild would make
some sense too (though attributes are not supposed to be ordered, but ...)

I guess you were talking about xmlAddNextSibling and xmlAddPrevSibling :-)


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