Re: [xml] html parsing on content stored in memory chunk


Should I use characters(...) callback to collect data between beginning and
end of the element tag.  My question is how much chars this callback will
receive from the parser? Is there a maximum limit?


Daniel Veillard wrote:

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 07:32:38PM -0800, Sonia Tsui wrote:
Hi All,

I do not fully understand how html parsing on content which stored in
memory chunk works.
Suppose we are in the middle of the tag (eg <a href =whatever.h), how
does the parser handles it, does that mean that I should hold the
characters and then concatenate all of them until I get to to the
In other words, does that mean the user_data here only holds partial
attribute value?
StartElem(void *user_data, const xmlChar *name, const xmlChar **attr)

  The parser has state and you will get the callback only when the
end of the start tag will have been completely provided.


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