[xml] Port of libxml for MPE/iX


although i'm "...apparently don't dare looking at the API,
code, docs or answers..." (sic!) i've somehow managed it
to port libxml to MPE/iX (more or less...).
Currently it's libxml 2.4.12 on MPE/iX 6.0, and it won't
run out of the box.
There's some handwork to do before and after the
'./configure' step and some (minor) changes to the libxml
source code (how could i do that? Well, due to my
deep-rooted anxieties WRT any kind of source code i used
to cry for my mom when i have to open the libxml sources,
and as a matter of principle i close my eyes when i've
to do some changes).
Then one can get a clean 'make' and a 'libxml2.a' that
works (as far as i've tested by now).
Unfortunately 'make install' fails, i havn't a clue why
(there is a posting WRT that question).
I don't know if it'll work OOTB someday, some questions/
proposals to that subject are unresolved resp.
unanswered (and, let's face it, the demand of a MPE port
of libxml is probably rather slight...8).
Additionally there's is a serious problem concerning the
MPE 'cc' compiler that won't return unresolved external
symbols as an error at link time, but i hope i can
provide a workaround soon (for the moment we've to
manually edit the generated 'config.h').

Anyway, if there is anyone out there who is interested,
i could provide the binaries (though libxml is configured
to fit my special needs).
I'll also give an detailed description of the steps that
are necessary to build libxml2 on MPE if someone wants
to do so (which is rather unlikely, but who knows...).
Feel free to contact me (or mail to the list)!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke

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