[xml] Using xmlSetGenericErrorFunc

Hi all,

I had a bit of trouble with this function as it does not work in the same way 
as xsltSetGenericErrorFunc. 

The problem occured because I called the xmlSetGenericErrorFunc before 
xmlParseFile(...) . I had not explicitly called xmlParserInit(), but this was 
being done before the xmlParseFile(...) did its real work. It would be nice 
if xmlParserInit() preserved the value set by xmlSetGenericErrorFunc rather 
than clobbering it with the default value.

I'd be interested in hearing from people who like to try out the  xsldbg 
plugin patch I'm working on for Quanta+ (for KDE2.X only), which I've nearly 
finished, just a few bugs to go!!



Keith Isdale

k_isdale tpg com au | xsldbg stylesheet debugger  

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