RE: [xml] CYGWIN compile problems

Good morning, friends. 

So many emails on the subject before the first coffee? Oh... No, don't even try to tell me it is 11:58 AM and 
too late for the first coffee. I had a bad night, had nightmares of me typing her URL and getting Error 404 - 
Heart not found.  

[ ...common patch idea, covering both worlds... ]
Works for me :} Igor, if you don't remove __CYGWIN__ tests, I 
won't add MSVC tests (grin).

With the current source, I can make both static and dynamic libs and link to any of these in any combination. 
Charlie says that Cygwin has a problem with --disable-shared. 

Well, then, MSVC has no problem, Cygwin does. This is your show. I just need that two lines in xmllint.c.


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