RE: [xml] CYGWIN compile problems

I was referring to the released source code (2.4.13). I could not see that
--disabled-shared under cygwin had any affect (like it does under linux). If
there are methods to build libxml2 as shared libraries under cygwin then
wonderful. However my argument is that Daniel's sources should build
"out-of-the-box" (at least for common environments).

Charles Bozeman
(256) 961-2139

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Thanks for the info, but I have gotten it to work by removing the test
__CYGWIN__ from xmlversion.h. If I understand correctly, gcc supports
dynamic linking in cygwin but libtool does not. I have also found that
configure scripts are unaffected by --disable-shared in cygwin.
Whether or
not the libraries are built static, dynamic, or both should be a
configuration issue and currently cygwin is forced dynamic (and
does not work for me). There may not be a perfect solution to this
but I would prefer that the default configuration would always
build when you type: ./configure; make; make install.

The patch to make it work successfully is available in the cygwin
package -src tarball.

I am submitting all the *clean* patches to Daniel for inclusion, but
until an updated libtool with auto-import and gcc -shared functionality
is released (Gary is busy right now :}) I very much doubt Daniel would
accept such patches.

As for the default configuration working, thats why ports exist!

The cygwin -src package should honour --disable-shared. Are you
referring to other, libxml dependent code, or to libxml itself?


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