Re: [xml] LIBXML2/LIBXSLT build problems on VMS

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 11:04:57PM -0600, Craig A. Berry wrote:
At 3:40 PM +0000 12/17/02, Nigel Hall wrote:
Below are the problems I found building LIBXML2 and LIBXSLT on VMS recently.

Please state compiler, operating system, and package versions, as
well as verbatim error messages when reporting a problem.  Actually I
think you did say earlier in the thread that the package version was
libxml2 2.4.28?

Compile of TREE.C failed with errors about cur parameter on these lines:
   htmlSetMetaEncoding(cur, (const xmlChar *) encoding);
   htmlSetMetaEncoding(cur, BAD_CAST "UTF-8");
Changed them to use doc parameter instead, like this:
   htmlSetMetaEncoding(doc, (const xmlChar *) encoding);
   htmlSetMetaEncoding(doc, BAD_CAST "UTF-8");

I can't reproduce this using Compaq C 6.5 on OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-1
building libxml2 2.4.30.

  Looking at it, the recent versions do
    htmlSetMetaEncoding((htmlDocPtr) cur,
but I wonder how much of a bug it is. I will switch to 
    htmlSetMetaEncoding((htmlDocPtr) doc,
in xmlNodeDumpOutput() (not xmlDocContentDumpOutput())

Compile of TRIO.C failed on lines containing TRIO_VA_START(args, format)
with unexpected identifier.
Changed the following line in TRIODEF.H from:
   # define TRIO_VA_START(x,y) va_start((x),(y))
   # define TRIO_VA_START(x,y) va_start(x,y)

Yeah.  Someone else on comp.os.vms also reported this.  What I said
about it there was, "This appears to have been an overzealous reading
of the C standard by the compiler group.  The standard says the 2nd
arg to va_start is an identifier, and they decided that an identifier
enclosed in parens is not an identifier."  The problem does not occur
in DEC/Compaq C 6.4 or 6.5.  DEC/Compaq C 6.2 and earlier do appear
to have the problem.  I don't know that I would suggest changing the
code, but we should probably mention it in vms/readme.vms.

   Hum, the trio code is Bjorn Reese area of expertise, I prefer to not patch
in libxml2 directly, if there is a fix it should go upstream to the trio library
then I expect Bjorn will update libxml2.

Shortened function names for VMS 32 character limit:
in ATTRIBUTES.C from xsltResolveStylesheetAttributeSet to
in TEMPLATES.C from xsltAttrTemplateValueProcessNode to

I can't reproduce this either, and since the build uses
/NAMES=SHORTENED I'm skeptical that this is really the issue you are

   isn't the libxslt build using #define for long identifiers on
VMS like this was apparently suggested for libxml2 ?

Added SECURITY.C to XSLT build script.
Added DYNAMIC.C to EXSLT build script.

Sounds good.

In XSLTUTILS.C commented out the ifdefn for vsnprint, like this:

#define vsnprintf trio_vsnprintf

What was the error message?  And how did you get C++ style comments
to work with the C compiler?  If you were using the C++ compiler,
clearly other modifications to the build procedures were necessary.
Please state precise steps taken and compiler used.

   I would prefer #ifdef VMS style of patch

Changed build of LIBXSLT to use FLOAT=IEEE on all compiles and the same
IEEE_MODE as LIBXML2 (DENORM_RESULTS) to resolve run-time crash and
formatting problem in format-number function.

That sounds reasonable.  I recently updated the build script for
libxml2 but not for libxslt; I will try to get together a patch for
the latter but it may be early in the new year before I get to it.

   Okay can you send a (couple of) contextual diff ?


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