Re: [xml] LIBXML2/LIBXSLT build problems on VMS

At 3:40 PM +0000 12/17/02, Nigel Hall wrote:
Below are the problems I found building LIBXML2 and LIBXSLT on VMS recently.

Please state compiler, operating system, and package versions, as
well as verbatim error messages when reporting a problem.  Actually I
think you did say earlier in the thread that the package version was
libxml2 2.4.28?

Compile of TREE.C failed with errors about cur parameter on these lines:
   htmlSetMetaEncoding(cur, (const xmlChar *) encoding);
   htmlSetMetaEncoding(cur, BAD_CAST "UTF-8");
Changed them to use doc parameter instead, like this:
   htmlSetMetaEncoding(doc, (const xmlChar *) encoding);
   htmlSetMetaEncoding(doc, BAD_CAST "UTF-8");

I can't reproduce this using Compaq C 6.5 on OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-1
building libxml2 2.4.30.

Compile of TRIO.C failed on lines containing TRIO_VA_START(args, format)
with unexpected identifier.
Changed the following line in TRIODEF.H from:
   # define TRIO_VA_START(x,y) va_start((x),(y))
   # define TRIO_VA_START(x,y) va_start(x,y)

Yeah.  Someone else on comp.os.vms also reported this.  What I said
about it there was, "This appears to have been an overzealous reading
of the C standard by the compiler group.  The standard says the 2nd
arg to va_start is an identifier, and they decided that an identifier
enclosed in parens is not an identifier."  The problem does not occur
in DEC/Compaq C 6.4 or 6.5.  DEC/Compaq C 6.2 and earlier do appear
to have the problem.  I don't know that I would suggest changing the
code, but we should probably mention it in vms/readme.vms.

Shortened function names for VMS 32 character limit:
in ATTRIBUTES.C from xsltResolveStylesheetAttributeSet to
in TEMPLATES.C from xsltAttrTemplateValueProcessNode to

I can't reproduce this either, and since the build uses
/NAMES=SHORTENED I'm skeptical that this is really the issue you are

Added SECURITY.C to XSLT build script.
Added DYNAMIC.C to EXSLT build script.

Sounds good.

In XSLTUTILS.C commented out the ifdefn for vsnprint, like this:

#define vsnprintf trio_vsnprintf

What was the error message?  And how did you get C++ style comments
to work with the C compiler?  If you were using the C++ compiler,
clearly other modifications to the build procedures were necessary.
Please state precise steps taken and compiler used.

Changed build of LIBXSLT to use FLOAT=IEEE on all compiles and the same
IEEE_MODE as LIBXML2 (DENORM_RESULTS) to resolve run-time crash and
formatting problem in format-number function.

That sounds reasonable.  I recently updated the build script for
libxml2 but not for libxslt; I will try to get together a patch for
the latter but it may be early in the new year before I get to it.
Craig A. Berry
mailto:craigberry mac com

"... getting out of a sonnet is much more
 difficult than getting in."
                 Brad Leithauser

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