Re: [xml] Need help getting libxml / XML::LibXML running on Win32


"Poulson, Shawn" <shawn poulson sap com> writes:

Hello all,

I'm attempting to port work I've done on a linux platform using the
perl module XML::LibXML over to Win32.

1st, post questions about perl bindings (XML::LibXML) to perl-xml
mailing list <perl-xml listserv ActiveState com>.

I've taken many steps to install already-compiled libxml, libxslt,
iconv, and openssl binaries and libraries onto my system.  Then when
I attempt to build XML::LibXML with nmake, it succeeds.  However,
the nmake test step fails miserably; it pops up two application
errors (i.e. segfaults), which I ignore, then on test 4 it pegs CPU
at 100% and hangs.

2nd, from what I heard, making all this stuff compile under win32 is
somewhat tricky, fortunatelly, some people can do that and provide
binary ppm packages for ActiveState Perl. 

use LibXML/LibXSLT from the following repository (for AP 5.6.1)
or (for AP 5.8)

You don't have to compile neither libxml2 nor libxslt nor even iconv
with these separatelly, it is all contained in the packages. AFAIK it
does not have gzip support compiled in, however.

Has anyone done this before?  I can't seem to get any clear
instructions that address my situation.

Ask the author of these binary builds, Randy Kobes, I guess he has a
lot of experience with it.

My perl applications based on these work just fine on Win32, although
I develop and test them on Linux.

-- Petr

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