[xml] Need help getting libxml / XML::LibXML running on Win32

Hello all,

I'm attempting to port work I've done on a linux platform using the perl module XML::LibXML over to Win32.

I've taken many steps to install already-compiled libxml, libxslt, iconv, and openssl binaries and libraries 
onto my system.  Then when I attempt to build XML::LibXML with nmake, it succeeds.  However, the nmake test 
step fails miserably; it pops up two application errors (i.e. segfaults), which I
ignore, then on test 4 it pegs CPU at 100% and hangs.

Has anyone done this before?  I can't seem to get any clear instructions that address my situation.

My binaries/libraries were obtained at http://www.fh-frankfurt.de/~igor/projects/libxml/index.html.  My 
system is Windows 2000 Server, Activestate ActivePerl 5.6.1 build 531, MS VC++ 6.0.

Shawn Poulson
shawn poulson sap com

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