Re: [xml] [long] bugreport: HTTP resource escaping/unescaping fails with quoted URLs

On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 04:43:49PM -0500, Daniel Veillard wrote:
  Not a big deal just indicate the current version in the report
  I hadn't any time for it. Bugzilla is there to prevent me from
forgetting about issues which occurs for mail stuff

Ok, I will submit a bug report also to bugzilla so that we have a
'record' of it.

  It wasn't looking trivial, not fun to do or test, and it still in
the folder. Provide a patch if you want to garantee fast processing.

Ok. Anyway I wasn't asking for fast processing, just for a bit of
feedback that you have read the mail and you have considered it to be a

I hope that my analysis is correct ...:

  Maybe, I don't know by heart the full set of code, and part of this
has been really nasty e.g. handling Windoze file names.

Bleeargghh ...

  then spend time to learn more about it
  and provide a patch. Make it checked for Windows paths and verify it
passes asll libxml2 and libxslt regression tests. Then you issue
will get fixed promptly if you don't suggest to make silly things
like changing APIs

Ok, I can try to have a look at it, but I definitely have no time to
study the libxml/libxslt internal structure; so it can help if you can
give me some additional information.
Mainly I would like to know:
- if you remember the architectural reason why you chose to unescape the
  URI in xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilename
- what do you mean by regerssion testing (is enough running all the
  test* executables available in libxml directory or someone else is
  needed? do those tests includes tests on windoze filenames?)
- assuming that I will be able to make it work, do you like my proposal
  of keep on using the received, still escaped, URI until it reachs


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 zack {cs unibo it,,} -
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 sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!" -- G.Romney

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