RE: [xml] Self terminating tags

Ouch.  Overworked or what Daniel?  Is this mailing list not designed for
basic questions such as mine?

Someone else on this mailing list was kind enough to point me in exactly the
right direction.  That is to use xmlNewChild() with a NULL content argument.
Simple and painless.

While I can appreciate you may get many requests for info Daniel, I don't
appreciate your tone.


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On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 07:39:48AM -0800, Brett Robichaud wrote:
I was talking about simple output from libXML.  If I add a 
new empty 
tag using xmlNewTextChild() it is saved as <tag></tag> NOT 
as <tag/>.  
I would like the latter.

  Again I restate what I said. It is NOT the NORMAL BEHAVIOUR 
You have a PROBLEM with your INSTALLATION probably. Repeat 
the problem with xmllint providing an input to xmllint and we can 
discuss this. So far it is a rumor that on some system there 
is an strange behaviour that I CANNOT REPRODUCE, and don't 
expect me to investigate more without some serious data for 
your report.

  Is that clear ? Did you read the page at If no reread, and > follow the 
instructions !!!


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