Re: [xml] libxml2 and schema validation

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 10:22:08AM +0100, Bohlig, Elisabeth wrote:

I'm working with libxml for a long time and now I'm waiting for full support of schema validation. Even 
with the latest version (2.4.28) there are many TODOs left (include, simple content,...).
 I don't know how it works with the development of open source code:
Is there any time frame for finishing implementation?

  No, it's finished when it's done. Since there is no resource allocated
it all depends on the various people interested on getting it finished
to actually provide the code, the test cases, etc...

Is there someone (except Danial Veillard) who is responsible for this part of code? 

  Hum, Charles Bozeman helped on them.
My take is that I currently have no use of XML Schemas. I implemented most
of the framework, and said "I welcome help, patches and bug reports".
When I get precise bug report or missing functionalities which are needed,
then I try to implement them. But it's not my #1 priority, and I appreciate
getting patches... or complete reports. And the Schemas TODO is not maintained
i.e. I did not look at it or modify it in a long time.


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