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On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Igor Zlatkovic (MLU) wrote:

[This goes off topic...]

Thanks for the support :-)

I can understand Bob's point. I believe that the one browser or another
renders the font unreadable. I have took a glance with Netscape 4.78 on
Linux and representation is exactly the same as with IE on Windows.
However, I have 96dpi screen and True-Type fonts installed. Without
TrueType Verdana, X server would probably render bitmap (or Type1)
Helvetica at 8pt and that is, when measured in on-screen pixels, a lot
smaller than was the intention and indeed unreadable.

I also have the Windows fonts installed.  This is not the issue. Make
sure that when testing with Netscape 4.78 you have "Use
document-specified fonts, including Dynamic Fonts" selected rather
than "Use my default fonts, overriding document-specified fonts".

The issue is that X-windows displays fonts at the size requested and
points are a physical unit (72 points per inch).  With a 72DPI screen,
8pt equals 8 pixels!  With your 96dpi screen, the font should be
displayed either 10 or 11 pixels high.

Windows artificially magnifies screen fonts depending on whether
"small" or "large" fonts are selected.  This is yet another area where
Microsoft diverges from accepted standards.

Bob Friesenhahn
bfriesen simple dallas tx us

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