RE: [xml] libxml2

I'll just point out that I didn't even realize Igor had set 
the font so
small, because I've set my browser's preferences to a larger font size
(if you don't like little fonts, that seems a logical approach). More
importantly, though, I don't really give a shit about the 
Igor's page could be ugly as a monkey's butt for all I care - what
matters is the content, on which he has done a great job and should be
praised, not niggled at for some perceived HTML sin.

[This goes off topic...]

Thanks for the support :-)

I can understand Bob's point. I believe that the one browser or another
renders the font unreadable. I have took a glance with Netscape 4.78 on
Linux and representation is exactly the same as with IE on Windows.
However, I have 96dpi screen and True-Type fonts installed. Without
TrueType Verdana, X server would probably render bitmap (or Type1)
Helvetica at 8pt and that is, when measured in on-screen pixels, a lot
smaller than was the intention and indeed unreadable. 

However, I don't see what I could do about that. On a system which has
the right fonts and a proper rasteriser (which are all Windows, all
Macintosh and most Unix boxes), the site renders okay, exactly the way I
want to see it. I have neither time nor resources to test its appearance
on all possible platform/browser combinations.


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