Re: [xml] Loop of "SAX.error: Char 0x1B8DBC out of allowed range"

At 08:35 AM 09/22/01 +0800, William M. Brack wrote:
Although the looping with an error message is definitely a program bug, it
looks like your problem is triggered by the encoding of your input file.


I'll try to find and fix the loop (unless Daniel beats me to it) [but he's
trying to get moved], 

Thanks very much!  I appreciate your help.

but while that is happening can you try and take care
of the encoding (which, once fixed, will probably avoid the problem

I was parsing all the .html files in my /usr/doc -- about 25,000.  Trying
to get an idea what users of swish-e might encounter when they index their
own documents.  That file is a MHonArc mail archive, which, I assume, might
end up with mixed encodings.  Again, it was just a random file from /usr/doc.

Thanks, again.

Bill Moseley
mailto:moseley hank org

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