Re: [xml] xmlParseMemory problem

Anand Awasthi wrote:

I am getting following erros when i debug code:

              __cfree()  malloc.c, 3054
              xmlFreeInputStream()  parserInternals.c, 1916
              xmlFreeParserCtxt()  parserInternals.c, 2303
              xmlSAXParseMemory()  parser.c, 9987
              xmlParseMemory()  parser.c, 10003

Please help me , I am going nuts and not able to find help from anywhere.

As Daniel already has mentioned, your memory has been corrupted
somewhere before the places where you see the errors. Whether the
real cause is located in your code or in libxml is difficult to
tell without a complete and minimal source code example that fails.

I suggest that you use one of the memory debugging tools listed

Electric Fence is probably a good starting place.

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