[xml] ignorableWhitespace-callback


i've a parser context with a self-defined ignorableWhitespaceSAXFunc

  pctxt->sax->ignorableWhitespace = myIgnorableWhitespaceFunc;

which do nothing than to trace the callback.
Now i try to validate a document against it's DTD that doesn't allow CDATA
or mixed content in any Element.
When i got the docs right, the parser has to callback the
ignorableWhitespaceSAXFunc in that scenario
if he runs on whitespace like tabs or CR/LF in the document-body.
But my trace-file remains empty, seems that the ignorableWhitespaceSAXFunc
was ignored...   8)
Or is there something that i've missed?

Thanx in advance!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke

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