Re: [xml] Using XPath, Xpointer & XLink in a SAX parser

On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 10:14:25PM +0800, moharil wrote:

I have this SAX parser(using the template in xml++.h lib)

  I don't know that library.

which currently will parse an xml file and gather all the required info I need. I have read that through 
the use of XLink, XPath & Xpointer in an XML, I can get other required info from other XML files. Is it 
possible to implement it in my SAX parser? If not, is there any other possible solutions so that I can 
acquire the info from the other files??

  Using XPath and XPointer need to keep far more information than
a simple stream of events like SAX.
  Libxml implements XPath and XPointer but this won't work with the SAX


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