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Bonjour Daniel,

should we implement it ourselves, or do you like to find a common


Thursday, September 27, 2001, 3:13:12 PM, you wrote:

MS> From: Marco Stipek <stipek triplex de>
MS> Message-ID: <4313770480 20010927151312 triplex de>
MS> To: xml gnome org
MS> Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 15:13:12 +0200

MS> Hello,
MS> Bonjour Daniel,

MS> we have some trouble implementing our apache mod_xslt. We would like to
MS> print out the errors during parsing and transformation to the clients.

MS> Problem:
MS> 1. We are in apache process space
MS> 2. We are multithreaded
MS> 3. we don't like to reimplement the xmlParseFile xmlSaxParseFile
MS>    functions (don't like to reinvent wheels)
MS> 4. We want to have error callbacks which implements the error
MS>    formating/printing and sending. We need our own context
MS>    (e.g. apache request context), which we probably could deliver via
MS>    the userdata filled in the parser context.
MS> 5. The userdata context could not be set using the xmlParseFile
MS>    function.
MS> 5. xmlGenericErrorContext is not available, because it's not in a
MS>    specific context, it's a global var, so it is not thread save.
MS>    We need thread specific.

MS> Possible solutions:
MS> 1. xmlSAXParseFile as wrapper which retrieve an additional userdata
MS> (void) pointer. This data could be linked to the parser context.
MS> The error callbacks retrieve already the parser ctx.

MS> 2. xmlSetGenericErrorFunc will be rewritten to be thread safe in
MS> parser context instead of using a global var.
MS> or alternatively: putting a callback into the parameterlist of the
MS> parseFile functions.

MS> We already know that you don't like to change the api in most cases.
MS> But maybe wrapping these things and adding some more functions is a
MS> possible solution in this case.

MS> BTW: If you need more info you get it this time :)

MS> regards,
MS>  Marco
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